Top 10 Girl Fight Knockouts in MMA – Best Female Knockouts

Women weren’t eligible to battle within the UFC’s octagon till 2013. After 4 years, they have made many electrifying finishes.  Girl fight Knockouts are the most aggressive way to end a fight. It is, after all, the ultimate objective. Fighters enter into the octagon to fight against each other in a battle in which one fighter is keen to shut down the other’s brain first & to brutally thrash them into the most vulnerable of situations. And we worship them for that & are in love with MMA for that.


10. Amanda Nunes vs Shayna Baszler

Tenth on the list of Best Girl Fight Knockouts is Amanda Nunes vs Shayna Baszler.

Total of 20 hits was thrown in the fight before it was over. Only 3 were not executed properly. Nunes fired up with hammering leg kicks, body shots, and overhand rights with full power. It ended before 2 minutes, but it totally changed the careers of Amanda Nunes and Shayna Baszler forever.

Amanda Nunes vs Shayna Baszler

As for Baszler, she quit UFC soon after, & made a successful career in professional wrestling. Not only Baszler, even Miesha Tate & Ronda Rousey had very bad times with Nunes in Cage.

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9.  Germaine de Randamie vs Anna Elmose

Ninth on the list of Girl Fight Knockouts is Germaine de Randamie vs Anna Elmose.

Germaine de Randamie picked Anna off on the feet; every blow brought pain not only to Anna but also those who were watching, after two-thirds of the way in the 1st round, de Randamie grabbed Elmose in a Muay Thai clinch and began hitting with knees.

Fast and powerful knees, initially on the head, then to the body. The last knee hit went to Elmose’s midsection and made her to sit down, holding her rib cage in pain. But De Randamie not stopping, still chopping right hand to Elmose’s head on the way down before the referee went to stop the fight.

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8. Paige VanZant vs Bec Rawlings

Surely this fight is hot girls fight. In the first 5 minutes, VanZant couldn’t manage to control the fight from range. The wild pressure fighter we had seen in preceding matches was not there, and Rawlings was having to succeed against the VanZant. That was about to change.

Before both fighters would be settled into their pace in the 2nd frame, VanZant jumped into the air, faking to hit with her right leg, and then smashing her left leg into the side of Rawlings’ skull. Rawlings tumbled backward and fell on the mat.

VanZant, ending the fight with hammer fists as Rawlings curved gradually onto her front. The kick that brought the end of the fight will remain on VanZant’s highlight kick till she fights for the UFC.


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7. Cristiane Cyborg vs Leslie Smith

Seventh on the list of Girl Fight Knockouts is Cris Cyborg vs Leslie Smith & can be called one of the best girl fights.

Cyborg showed all over again that it doesn’t matter who UFC set against her, she’s still ‘gonna Cyborg’. Smith was happy to face and trade with the Brazilian. It was a war which she would never be going to win.

Outbreaks of strikes were thrown by each fighter, with Cyborg hitting a right hand that made Smith fall. The result was Cyborg vanity over Smith, hitting powerful punches down with force. The fight was stopped. Justino had given lovely Brazilian audience through entertainment and reminded the fighters of the UFC why they didn’t wish to fight her.

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6. Leslie Smith vs Jessamyn Duke

Sixth on the list of Best girls Fight Knockouts is Leslie Smith vs Jessamyn Duke.

The mixture of an overhand right and a fierce head kick had Duke backing up against the cage. She would find out that it absolutely was not the place to be. 9 punches were thrown during a hurry. Quick, wide-ranging, powerful punches, Smith landed to the body.

And then the strikes flowed all over again. Oh, however, they flowed. This was another 10-hit Tekken band. Hooks, body shots, a head kick and an blow. Duke wished to play punching bag no a lot of and sank to the deck. She took one final, violent knee before the fight was waved off.

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5. Cat Zingano vs Miesha Tate

Fourth on the list of Best girls Fights Knockout is Cat Zingano vs Miesha Tate.

Surely this fight is hot girls fight. Zingano struggled in the starting against Tate. The ex-Strikeforce champion had outwrestled Zingano and taken a head start in the fight, but the momentum changed quickly. By the closing of the 2nd bout, it was Zingano who was winning the fight and started landing strikes on the feet. Tate’s nose was bleeding in the start of the 3rd bout.

5 knees and an elbow splashed the blood across Tate’s face at the closing of a dominating Zingano bout, making referee Kim Winslow to end the battle and save Tate from any further injury.

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4. Amanda Nunes Vs Ronda Rousey

Amanda Nunes Vs Ronda Rousey & can be called one of the girl Fight knockouts. Amanda Nunes was not the 1st wrestler to beat Ronda Rousey. 47 strikes were thrown by Nunes in only 48 seconds. 27 of them were on target. Nunes devastated Rousey, grabbing the ex-champion’s head around with her fists and declining to let go. Rousey was powerless. Nunes forceful. By the time it got over we had no doubt that Rousey was no longer the greatest in the world.

Amanda Nunes had defeated the 2 shining stars in women’s MMA history in back to back fights. She turned out to be the 1st openly gay UFC champion, and the 1st Brazilian female to win UFC gold.

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3. Joanna Jedrzejczyk  vs Esparza

Third, on the list of Best girl Fight Knockouts is Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Esparza & can be called one of the best girl fights. Against Jedrzejczyk, Esparza could not complete her early takedown efforts. When she, at last, was able to complete one, she couldn’t hold the Joanna down either.

It was not the same level fighter fight and one was painful to watch. Jedrzejczyk beat-up Esparza in the cage.

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Jedrzejczyk started throwing hard elbows. Direct punches, Joanna’s frequency was growing, as Esparza’s unsuccessful takedown efforts became more desperate. By the halfway stage in the 2nd bout, Esparza’s head was hitting back regularly. At last, Machinegun punches thrown at Esparza and she was saved by the referee. Jedrzejczyk has made her spot permanent on the list of all-time greats.

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2. Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia

Second, on the list of Best Girl Fight Knockouts is Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia.


Rousey had aggression for a reason in the Rio de Janeiro cage, and that was due to the statements said by Correia, hoping that Rousey would not commit suicide if she lost to the Brazilian. Rousey was as expectedly furious, minding that her Father had committed suicide when she was only 8-years-old. It all went down to 34 big, revengeful seconds in Brazil. Rousey made Correia to lay cold in front of her home crowd. It was the last time Rousey won.


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1. Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey

We all had the idea that it would be on the top of the list and can be called best girl fights. Surely this fight is hot girls fight. Not anything comes near to what we saw when Holly Holm stepped into the cafe against Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 as a +600 underdog and defeating the shinning champ. Holm was leading the fight. She won the 1st bout with ease. Rousey seemed tired, running after Holm desperately as the fight continues. Holm seemed calm and composed, coming into an ease tempo.

Girl Fight Knockouts

Holm’s left sh hit on the side of her neck and face. Rousey fell sideways and Holm next comes up was hammer fists. It was all over. We had a brand new champ for the 1st time since the UFC begin this division.


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